Owners, The Barn at Riverbend

I knew my husband was the "one" in 1983. There were no lightening bolts or audible voices, just a quiet knowing that he was my truest friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. We have faced poverty, sickness, insecurity, starting our own business, the birth of six babies; survived toddlers, broken bones, teenage drivers and six college tuitions.

We have had the privilege of living on these beautiful 20 acres for the past 22 years. We've sweat and cursed and cried together trying to cultivate our little piece of heaven. We've given away three daughters in marriage on our beloved property, cared for aging parents, hosted a decade of YoungLife youth events, gathered friends, welcomed grand babies and through it all, I'm still married to the kindest man I've ever known. In the summer of 2015 we entertained the idea to double the size of our barn, add some parking, create a whimsical outdoor amphitheater on our wooded hillside and plant several new flower beds.

Our barn sits on the edge of the south fork of the Grand River and it makes two bends on our property. This river has never gone dry in all the years we've lived here. My children spent countless summer hours playing in its water, so it was easy to name our new wedding venue: The Barn at Riverbend. Hospitality has been something our family has always embraced. Now that our three sons and three daughters have started their own families we are happy to open our barn doors to the next generation of couples who are ready to take their first step into a life time of love. Schedule a tour, we would love to show you around our property.